About (Hey) Fallon

Hey, I’m Fallon. Thanks for checking out my tiny slice of the internet.

This blog is my space to write about one of my favourite hobbies, skincare, though sometimes I’ll write a little about other stuff like my life in South Korea.

When it comes to skincare one thing that is incredibly important to me is being an informed consumer. Unfortunately, it sometimes feels impossible to achieve this with all the conflicting and straight up wrong information out there in regards to skincare ingredients. I believe in science and do my best to find scientifically backed information when it comes to products or ingredient reviews, though this is not always easy. I want to find the best products for my skin while also considering purchasing factors like product sustainability.

I am critical of greenwashing and any sales tactics used to ‘scare’ consumers into buying something. It’s frustrating at times but I hope that by doing my best to thoroughly research and review I can help others make informed choices as well.

Beyond Skincare

Skincare is my hobby. For me, it is a means through which I can practice self-care, but it is not my whole life.

Beyond skincare, I am a happy dog-mom to two amazing strays from South Korea, Nuna and Nora. All the skincare in the world wouldn’t even touch the amount of happiness I get from loving these two.

I’m into health; I like eating good food, exercising, and learning about cool things in nature like herbs and mushrooms. I like to see how many houseplants I can fit in my apartment before space starts to become an issue. I try to balance my Reddit time with time spent outdoors, etc.

Just trying to figure out the important stuff and be happy. My skincare routine is complicated but I am not!

My loves; Nora (white) and Nuna (black)

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