Rural South Korea Apartment Tour: Yeosu, Jeollanam-do

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Rural South Korea Apartment Tour: Yeosu, Jeollanam-do

This is the first video in my apartment tour series, looking at apartments in rural South Korea! This was shot in Yeosu, one of the main cities in Jeollanam-do. You can watch the video above and read about the apartment below if you’d like some more information. The apartment is fairly small so there isn’t a whole lot to discuss, but leave me any questions in the comments!

The Building

I believe this building would be classified as a “villa” here in South Korea. It’s only a few stories high, maybe 3 or 4, and overall fairly small. There are no elevators in the building.

On the outside of the door is a keypad. Most apartments in  Korea no longer use regular keys but instead key codes. I really like having a code opposed to a physical key because forgetting your key is easy but forgetting a code is harder (if you choose a good one!).

The Inside

Immediately when you enter the apartment there is a tiny little area where you need to take off your shoes. There is also a nice shoe closet at the entrance which can hold quite a bit of stuff.

The first room is the kitchen. This is a very standard kitchen for smaller apartments in Korea. It has a refrigerator, small gas stove, sink, and a washing machine. You won’t find full-sized ovens in Korea, at least not easily. From what I understand they are more of a luxury item here. Most people just use a microwave oven which can do the same job on a smaller scale. Microwave ovens come in many sizes and I definitely recommend purchasing one if you like to cook (or bake)!

The Bathroom

Again, this is a very average bathroom for small apartments in Korea. There is no separated shower and the shower head attaches to the sink. You need to wear slippers in the bathroom to prevent wet feet!

The Living Space

So the main living space in this apartment is a pretty good size. The bed is a little bigger than a single bed, but smaller than a double. There is definitely room for a work space or some small chairs. There is a large closet in the main room which could easily fit all of your clothes and suitcases.

Attached to the living space is a ‘balcony’ area. It isn’t exactly what we would call a balcony in Canada but it is mainly used to dry laundry. There is also some good storage space on the balcony.

Closing Thoughts

Overall this is (I think) a very typical apartment for a Native English Teacher her in Korea. Of course there are differences and you probably won’t know what you have until you get here, but I hope this has calmed some nerves!


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